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<p>Haijet has produced millions of personalized challenge coins for European and USA customers. These coins are also used in business to inspire a military style brotherhood and camaraderie between teammates. All our custom coins are backed with 100% satisfaction. Using your logo, military insignia, or just about anything you can think of, we design a unique challenge coin anyone would be happy to receive.</p> <p>Coins can be made with brass or zinc alloy, and colors can be soft enamel or imitation hard enamel colors. If you prefer a heavy weight coins, brass material will be perfect; if you prefer all the logos or motifs more relief or depth, zinc alloy is suitable. Contact with Haijet for more professional advices.</p> <p>Specifications<br /> Material can be zinc alloy or brass material.<br /> MOQ is 100pcs per design for both zinc alloy &amp; brass materials.<br /> Common size is 38mm/ 42mm/ 45mm/ 50mm.<br /> Double sides with motifs, 2D flat or 3D cubic by custom designs.<br /> Colors can be soft enamel; imitation hard enamel or no colors.<br /> Finishing can be shiny/ matte/ antique or mirror effects.<br /> Always with 3 sides polishing.<br /> Custom designs welcome only.</p>